Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finishing Up

Though I was fairly happy with the results of the painting I did, along with Johannes' demo, I felt that it needed a few adjustments and some cleaning up, some in response to Johannes' comments during the demo, and some that I decided on myself.  So, above, you can see the final result (unless something else comes to my attention), and compare with my last posting.  I increased the sky and added some more top to the trees, cleaning up the sky-holes, lightening the blue a bit, and softening the edges of the trees against the sky.  I worked on the middle-ground bushes, adjusting the color to a more olive green, and bringing forward some of the trees.  The cliffs called for a bit of reworking, also - but not much.  I softened the color of the blue rivulet in the distance, and cleaned up the edges of the beach, adding some shadow under the edge and a bit of white in the water to define the edge.  Moving to the foreground, I added a little warmth to the color of the beach.  It got too gray as I was furiously trying to keep up with Johannes.  Cleaning up the edges of the rocks, I lightened the shadows a bit, and added some definition to the water around the rocks.  I think that this helps to keep the rocks from looking like they are floating in the water.  I feel like it is complete, but I will post it on the WetCanvas website, and see what Johannes says.  I'll let you know.  I'm thinking he may suggest lightening the brown in the water.  Let's see...

I put out a question to other artists on the WetCanvas site, about painting murals, and asked for any suggestions or feedback.  I received a very nice email from an artist, who just so happened to have also painted several murals in baptisteries.  He had some great advise that will help me out, and after I consider some of his suggestions, I'll let you know.  It is amazing that we can find people to connect with, through the internet.

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