Monday, September 5, 2011

The Blank "Canvas": Baptistery Today

 I have the great honor to paint a mural for our church's baptistery (Santa Rosa Christian Church).  Over the last several months I have sketched out ideas, painted a pastel mock-up of the design, and searched for the best way to proceed with the materials for this project.  God put me into contact with a wonderful resource person online - someone who has, himself, painted several baptisteries.  He shared his ideas with me, and what he has learned over time.  It became apparent to me, that I should not paint directly on the walls, but on some other substrate.  Special birch flooring material was chosen, and I will do the painting with oil paints.

As you can see here in these two photos, it will be necessary for me to paint four surfaces in the baptistery.  The day that I scoped the project out, I found that the ceiling and the side walls are seen as much, or possibly even more than the back wall, from the various locations in the sanctuary.  One of the challenges will be in keeping the wooden surfaces adjacent to one another on my easel, enough so that I can be sure the image lines up properly.  This is going to require space.  I have a tiny studio, and will have some work ahead of me this month, rearranging things to accommodate this project.  I have some tremendous help, however.  Glen Wiemeyer has cut and labeled the panels for a precise fit, and Todd Felciano is making a custom easel for me.

As the project gets underway, I intend to keep you updated on a more regular basis.

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